Tyler ReinagelWelcome to the Office of Research. In the past year, we have made substantial progress in research growth and productivity thanks to the accomplishments and ongoing efforts of our faculty, staff, and students. As you know, we have had to adapt to new teaching and learning modalities, as well as develop enhanced research safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this period, the number of research proposals submitted increased over this time period relative to the previous year, which demonstrates the perseverance, flexibility, and creativity of our faculty. In response, we have increased the number of staff in Sponsored Programs Administration and streamlined processes with Cayuse, a more robust and efficient grants management system. The Office of Undergraduate Research and the Office of Research Development and Strategic Initiatives continue to thrive and successfully transitioned their programming to an online format when needed. 

We are excited to welcome everyone back for the spring semester, including a new influx of students, faculty, and staff.  With the health and safety of our KSU community as the top priority, we have updated our COVID guidelines for on-site research activities in accordance with the University System of Georgia’s policy on masks and social distancing as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

In returning with expanded in-person operations, our mission and goals as an office remain the same – to support faculty and students in every possible way so they may engage in important and innovative areas of scholarship. Through our resources and services, we strive for Research, Integrity, Compliance, Objectivity, and Transparency, with an additional focus on Customer Service. Everything we do is guided by the principles in the Roadmap to Success. It is our hope, that in following these goals for promoting interdisciplinary research with relevance, we can bolster our trajectory as a top-tier research institution.  

We look forward to continuing many of our exciting programs and activities such as the spring edition of the Symposium of Student Scholars and a new season of Research with Relevance – this time focused on a Chairs and Directors’ Showcase. These events will be hosted on a virtual platform. We are also launching a new office focused on economic development and community engagement and two new research centers: the Center for Innovation in STEM Education Research and Center for the Advancement of Military and Emergency Services Research (AMES Research). Additionally, we will be working on activities related to the recent National Institutes of Health grant KSU received to enhance the university’s diversity and research infrastructures in the biomedical fields. 

We invite you to explore the various services that our divisions and research centers and institutes offer to determine how we can support your research plans and ensure your success. We also encourage you to claim and update your PIVOT profile to explore new avenues for funding and collaboration. For updates and announcements, you can subscribe to our Research-Grants listserv. Stay connected through our social media channels and keep up with current news here.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your research and scholarship activities at KSU. 



Dr. Tyler Reinagel
Interim Vice President for Research