The mission of the Office of Research is to encourage, promote, and support innovative interdisciplinary research and scholarship at Kennesaw State University, a student-centered research institution. 

The Office of Research promotes the engagement of RESEARCH and SCHOLARSHIP through its resources and services to ensure…

TRANSPARENCY of research methods and design.

INTEGRITY of process with faculty and student collaborators.

OBJECTIVITY maintained in the reporting of research results.

COMPLIANCE with federal, state and KSU policies and procedures.

CUSTOMER SERVICE provided to research faculty in a prompt and efficient manner.


We aim to cultivate and sustain an environment where research can flourish to deliver impactful, relevant solutions to economic and societal challenges by creating meaningful collaborations through strategic academic and industry partnerships.

We will provide a foundational infrastructure for leveraging current faculty’s depth and breadth of expertise while recruiting new faculty in critical niche fields to advance the quality, diversity and productivity of research and scholarship endeavors at KSU.