Research Centers and Institutes

  • Center for Innovation in STEM Education Research

    Center for Innovation in STEM Education Research (CiSTEMer)

    The mission of the interdisciplinary research center is to support KSU faculty focused on improving the teaching and learning of STEM at both the PK-12 and collegiate levels. Center staff conduct research, provide professional development, and 
    build community partnerships focused on improving research and research-based  STEM education practices. 

    Please email Brian Lawler at

    • Research Computing

      Research Computing

      Research Computing supports researchers using the Advanced Computing Center - a partnership between the VP for Information Technology, the VP for Research, & the College of Computing & Software Development, offering HPC cluster of CPUs & GPUs with over 120 pre-configured software for faculty, student, and classroom-based research. Staff also provide training & consultation on using computational resources and assist researchers when they are developing proposals requiring computational resources.

    • KSU Field Station

      KSU Field Station

      The KSU Field Station, managed by the Office of Research, is a 25-acre property located two miles from the Kennesaw Campus. The KSU Field Station offers an outdoor space for interdisciplinary research opportunities and a living learning laboratory for researchers, educators, and students. The goal is to support safe and sustainable communities through research, education, and civic engagement, while also addressing the instructional and research needs of Kennesaw State University.

    • Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research

      A.L. Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research

      For over 30 years the institute has been providing applied research services to organizations throughout Georgia, nationally, and here at KSU. Institute staff specialize in developing, implementing, analyzing, and reporting data that is collected via telephone, online, and paper survey methodologies. Clients are given the tools needed to tackle difficult questions and elected officials and administrators are equipped with the latest data and analysis in order to better serve their constituents.