Conflict of Interest

Kennesaw State University complies with federal regulations ensuring that sponsored activities will not be compromised by investigators’ financial interests that could be reasonably expected toConflict of Interest bias the design, conduct, or reporting of the research. In accordance with these regulations, the University has the responsibility to disclose, manage, reduce, or eliminate any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may be presented by a financial interest of an investigator.

As part of our conflict of interest policy, we require that faculty with outside support for their research and a COI reporting requirement complete training. Our training is available through CITI, and is valid for 4 years. Please see the instructions below to add the COI course to your CITI profile.

COI CITI Instructions on Course Selection (PDF)

KSU has a uniform policy for financial conflicts of interest in research. Reporting requirements vary by research sponsor, but our annual disclosure requirements are the same for all researchers, to ensure that we comply with all potential sponsor’s regulations. Please note that you still need to report outside activities through the portal on OwlExpress. The FCOI policy for research only fulfills the reporting requirements of research sponsors, and will not communicate any outside activities to your Chair or Dean.

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Research

All researchers must disclose their significant financial interests as defined in the policy at least annually. Please log in to the Cayuse Research Suite to complete your annual disclosure. Please note that this is not the same server that is used for IRB submissions. The module is called "Outside Interests." All faculty are granted access to Cayuse automatically, via your NetID and password. A walkthrough of the disclosure procewss is provided below. Instructions for completing the disclosure are provided below. Please contact with any questions about COIs, and with any technical issues. Cayuse works best with Chrome or Firefox.

Log in to Cayuse Research Suite

The National Science Foundation currently requires grant recipients to file specific COI disclosures for each funded project. Please log in to the Cayuse Research Suite and complete a “Research-based Disclosure” if you are applying for NSF funding or are otherwise requested to do so by Sponsored Programs.

Cayuse also has a robust support website that is free (registration required) with information and walkthroughs of different tasks. These are also accessible through the help icon (Orange question mark) at the bottom right when you are logged in to Cayuse.

Cayuse COI Disclosure Walkthrough International Activities and Required Disclosures