Data Security

All KSU faculty, staff, and students utilizing university technology resources (click here for list of available resources - scroll to bottom of page) must comply with KSU’s Data Security Policy, an essential component in meeting compliance with federal, state and the University System of Georgia data security regulations.

KSU's Data Security Policy was created to protect sensitive university data such as personal data of students and employees as well as data related to research projects, including the personal data of research participants. It is the individual’s responsibility that data stored using the available resourcers adhere to the policy and legal requirements. You can click here for information on data management tools training and step-by-step documentation, resources provided by UITS.

Please review the topics related to data security and storage as outlined below: 

  • Use of Student Data

    Use of Student Data

    Research projects proposing the use of information obtained from student records (e.g., KSU email addresses, GPAs, test scores, grades, credit hours) should follow KSU policies and FERPA regulations, which govern the disclosure of student record information.

  • Data Security Training

    Research Data Security Training

    Five-minute video available on OwlTrain outlining state and federal laws on the secure management of data and best practices to secure control of data during all phases of research. 

  • Data Storage Matrix

    KSU Data Storage Matrix

    The matrix compares the data storage tools - OneDrive, SharePoint, and Shared Network Drives (I, M) - available at KSU with the types of data that can be safely stored in each. PLEASE NOTE: Other methods of storage include encrypted flash drives, encrypted hard drives, or locked file cabinets located in locked offices.

  • GDPR

    General Data Protection Regulation

    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation is a new and more stringent regulation governing the use of personal data of European Union residents.