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5 KSU Students Attended Posters at the Georgia State Capitol 2024Owl Eyes at the Capitol

KENNESAW, Ga. – Five Kennesaw State University students attended the Posters at the Georgia State Capitol event on February 20. 

Posters at the Georgia State Capitol is an annual event where select Georgian university students present their research to legislators in Atlanta. This year Blaise Williams, Junia Nguyen and Luke Ezzell, and Samhitha Challagundla and Mahimna Patel are 5 of 27 students from across the state selected to present.

Williams is a biochemistry major who will be graduating in May of thisyear to pursue his Ph.D. at Emory University. His research is called “Can Peptide-based Therapeutics Stop the Replication of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus?” The goal of his research is to create a new drug to treat Covid-19 and other viruses. 

“I hope that my research will spark a larger interest in peptide therapeutics as there are an abundance of peptides to review and examine that can be utilized in different ways,” Williams said.

Dr. Mohammad A. Halim is the primary investigator for this research. He said that his goal is to help make a new effective treatment for Covid-19and build a research culture and innovation to boost Georgia’s workforce and economy.

Nguyen is an electrical engineering major researching a new cancer therapy method. Her project is entitled “Feasibility Study of Controlled Radiation Capsule for Low-Risk, Rapid Cancer Treatment using TOPAS.” 

Nguyen’s co-presenter Luke Ezzell said that this research will help reduce the amount of time needed to treat cancer and reduce the likelihood of the treatment attacking other bodily processes along with the cancer.

Dr. Hoseon Lee, Nguyen’s mentor, said that this research has a goal of reducing the cost, treatment time and risk of cancer therapy.

Challagundla is a computer science major with the research project entitled “Cloud Mobile Architecture with ML Algorithms for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Systems.” In this project, Challagundla worked with her primary investigator, Dr. Ahyoung Lee. to develop a program that monitors the amount of pollution in water in real time to determine potability.

"Clean drinking water should be accessible to the public,” said Challagundla.

Dr. Ahyoung Lee said that she hopes that by providing real-time water monitoring public health crises related to timely detection of pollutants and harmful bacteria can be prevented.

Research students are encouraged to submit to present next year. Applications open in the fall.

Peptide with Rep

-By Victoria Grace Tucker

Photos by Caitlin Callahan

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  • Christopher Dargan

    Christopher Dargan

    Christopher Dargan is a senior undergraduate student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science.

    Dargan works with Dr. Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, an assistant professor of computer science at KSU, in the Ubiquitous Data Mining Lab (UDM) to decipher thoughts through brain waves.

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