PechaKucha Night at KSU

KENNESAW, Ga. | Nov 16, 2023

The Office of Research hosted the inaugural PechaKucha Night at KSU in November 2021 during Research Week at KSU to recognize the outstanding research and scholarship conducted by faculty.

PechaKucha, which means chit-chat in Japanese, is a storytelling-type event where the presenter shares 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide, guided primarily by graphics. Nine presenters, one representing each of the academic colleges, shared their research through this unique format.

The tradition continued into 2023, as the Office of Research hosted its third-annual PechaKucha Night. Two awards were presented based on audience votes. The award for best overall scientific content was given to Alice Gooding and the award for best overall artistic expression was given to Laurence Sherr. Each winner received $2,000 in professional development funds. 

  • Alice Gooding

    Alice Gooding

    "The Dirty Work of True Crime: Training the Communities Behind Your Favorite Shows"

  • Whitney Preisser

    Whitney Preisser

    "The Time Traveler’s Life: Assessing Anthropogenic Threats to Parasites"

  • Weiwei Chen

    Weiwei Chen

    "Turbulence in Hospital Care Since the Pandemic​"

  • Laurence Sherr

    Laurence Sherr

    "Music of Resistance and Survival:​ Composition, Performance, and Education for Understanding and Healing"

  • Minsoo Baek

    Minsoo Baek

    "Reshaping Our Transportation System with Construction Analytics"

  • Sylvia Bhattacharya

    Sylvia Bhattacharya

    "Human and AI: Integration or Isolation?​"

  • David Glassmeyer

    David Glassmeyer

    "Help Me Support the Mathematics Teachers You Wish You Had"

    • Nicole Ferguson

      Nicole Ferguson

      "Grow Baby Grow:​ Helping Clinicians Learn about Preterm Infant Growth and How It Impacts Outcomes​"

    • Brian Kliszczewicz

      Brian Kliszczewicz

      "Interventions in Type II Diabetes: Is Exercise the Toughest Pill to Swallow?​"

    • Brian Moore

      Brian Moore

      AMES Research Center: Promoting Military and Public Safety Wellbeing