PechaKucha 2021

The Office of Research hosted the inaugural PechaKucha Night at KSU in November 2021 during Research Week at KSU to recognize the outstanding research and scholarship conducted by faculty.

PechaKucha, which means chit-chat in Japanese, is a storytelling-type event where the presenter shares 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide, guided primarily by graphics. Nine presenters, one representing each of the academic colleges, shared their research through this unique format. Two awards were presented based on audience votes. The award for best overall scientific content was given to Mark Geil and the award for best overall artistic expression was given to Ebony Glover. Each winner received $2000 in professional development funds. 

PK group

Left to right: Amy Gruss, civil engineering; Ebony Glover, neuroscience; Sunay Mutlu, accounting; Maria Valero, information technology; Mark Geil, exercise science; Philip Kiernan, art history; Todd Pierson, biology; Ali Keyvanfar, construction management; and Tiffany Roman, instructional technology. 

Presentation Videos via YouTube

  • Phil Kiernan

    Dr. Philip Kiernan, College of the Arts

    "The Hoard of the Rings: A Recent Discovery in the Forbidden Forest" 

  • Ebony Glover

    Dr. Ebony Glover, Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    "Trauma and the Female Brain"

  • Maria Valero

    Dr. Maria Valero, College of Computing and Software Engineering

    "Changing Lives with Technology"

  • Sunay Mutlu

    Dr. Sunay Mutlu, Coles College of Business

    "Corporate Social Responsibility Reports in Accounting Research"

  • Mark Geil

    Dr. Mark Geil, Wellstar College of Health and Human Services

    "Challenging Conventions: Kids with Limb Loss"

  • Tiffany Roman

    Dr. Tiffany Roman, Bagwell College of Education

    Student Engagement during COVID-19: Attending to the Affective Dimension of Learner Needs"

  • Ali Keyvanfar

    Dr. Ali Keyvanfar, College of Architecture and Construction Management

    "Social Sustainability of Urban Development"

  • Amy Gruss

    Dr. Amy Gruss, Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

    "Occurrence of Microplastics in Drinking Water Plants"

  • Todd Pierson

    Dr. Todd Pierson, College of Science and Mathematics

    "Uncovering the Secret Lives of Appalachian Salamanders"