Kennesaw State University is dedicated to teaching, research, and the extension of knowledge to the public. Among its primary objectives are the creation and publication of intellectual property such as scholarly writings, artistic and literary works, and the development of new and useful devices, processes, and computer software. Such activities may:

  • contribute to the professional development of the faculty, staff, and students involved;
  • enhance the reputation of the University;
  • provide additional educational opportunities for participating students; and
  • promote the general welfare of the public at large.
  • Through individual effort and initiative, aided only incidentally by University resources, faculty, staff, and students can develop patentable inventions or written and other scholarly or creative works which may be subject to copyright, all of which may generate royalty income for the author and the University. Intellectual property can also result from work supported either partially or primarily by the University. When this occurs, the University has an interest in insuring and expediting the development, marketing, and utilization of the intellectual property. In some instances, intellectual property may become, in whole or in part, the property of the Board of Regents. At the same time, the rights, privileges, and incentives of the scholar(s) must be preserved.
  • KSU’s current Intellectual Property Policy can be viewed here, or below within the Intellectual Property Resources. Because a significant portion of KSU's IP policy was based on the University System of Georgia policy on Intellectual Properties, reading this policy is recommended.

  • Members of the Kennesaw State University community interested in developing IP are encouraged to read the IP Frequently Asked Questions below and contact Director of Intellectual Property Development Chris Cornelison for additional information.
  • The KSU Research and Service Foundation is the agent charged with assisting faculty, staff and students in the protection and management of intellectual property on behalf of the University, to further the research mission of the University and support expanded scholarship opportunities.