Quick Start License Program

The Kennesaw State University (KSU) Office of Intellectual Property Development is now offering the KSU Quick Start License. This program aims to better position KSU startup companies for success by offering preferred option and licensing terms, and priority support services.

The talented faculty, staff, and students at KSU are engaged in research with relevance, generating new intellectual property with tremendous commercial potential as a product of their research and scholarship. The Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation (KSURSF) owns that intellectual property and is responsible for managing it for the public benefit, including by protecting and licensing inventions.

KSU’s community has an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in the creation of startup companies who are important licensing partners. KSU fully supports the development of startups that commercialize inventions emerging from KSU research.

Recognizing the unique challenges that KSU startup companies face, this program provides a framework in two phases to maximize a startup’s likelihood of success and enhance its ability to attract external investment, while unlocking access to express agreements and preferred terms at each phase.

Use of the KSU Quick Start License Agreement is possible under the following circumstances: 

  1. A KSU faculty, student, or staff is a founder of the company; 
  2. All intellectual property rights are owned solely by KSURSF; 
  3. All essential criteria (detailed below) are met, and a business plan has been reviewed and approved by KSU; 
  4. The agreement is executed without modification.