Internal Funding

*The applications deadlines for these FY22 awards have passed. 

  • SEED

    SEED Funding*

    The overall purpose is to provide faculty with additional support and resources to further their research ideas in order to make the research more competitive for external grant proposals or highly prestigious publications.

  • Summer Fellows

    Summer Research Fellows Program*

    The purpose of the program, which is a full year commitment, is to provide a select group of faculty with additional information, resources and support to develop a competitive external grant proposal.

  • Jonathan McMurry

    Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program*

    This program is designed to facilitate long-term research involving large teams of faculty/staff members and students. 

  • Post Doctoral Research Associate Support

    Postdoctoral Researcher Support*

    The aim of this funding is to support research projects that should lead to external funding, while helping to develop postdoc researchers through outstanding mentoring.

  • Bridge Funding Program and Policy

    Bridge Funding Program and Policy

    Bridge Funding provides short-term limited financial support to sustain an existing research project/program at a minimal “essential” level of viability - during a gap in external funding for it. This is to facilitate success in securing new external funding.

  • Index Fund Policy

    Index Fund Policy

    Request funds to begin preliminary operation and purchases for research, upon acceptable notification of an award, thereby allowing preliminary spending to begin before receipt of the awarded funds.

  • Graduate Research Assistantships

    Graduate Research Assistantships

    The Office of Research no longer supports graduate research assistantships (GRAs). All GRA applications should be made via the Graduate Assistantships Program which is managed by The Graduate College.