OVPR Research/Scholarship Seed Grants

In order to be more responsive and adaptive to the different project needs of KSU faculty as well as the available funding opportunities, the Office of Research is approaching their internal SEED funding program differently for the 2023 fiscal year


Funding Distribution 

A limited amount of SEED funding will be available for faculty who are in the early stages of research projects and need to increase their competitiveness for external funding. However, the Office of Research will not be posting an open call for applications for FY23 like it has done in previous years. Instead, funds will be distributed on a rolling basis and faculty can request the funds as needed.

Stipulations for funding 

  • The maximum amount one can request is $15,000 for an individual project or $20,000 for an interdisciplinary project (involving two or more colleges). Interdisciplinary projects will receive priority consideration. However, we do not expect to award each request with the maximum amount. Please only request what is needed for your specific project.
  • Faculty must justify the costs for their project (including equipment costs, research supplies, student researchers, and/or up to one month of summer salary to be paid in July 2022 or June 2023).
  • Faculty must have an external funding opportunity clearly identified as well as a rough timeline and plan for submission. In addition, they must include a contingency plan if the proposed project does not turn out as planned.
    Funds must be spent by the June 30, 2023 (and encumbered by April 1, 2023), so please submit your application for SEED Funding as soon as possible.  


If you are interested in applying for SEED funding, please submit the following to researchdev@kennesaw.edu.

  • A brief 1-2 page description of the project (including significance, research design, any previous work or preliminary data, expected outcomes, and next steps)
  • Budget and budget justification
  • Biosketch for PI and any other key personnel
  • Rough timeline and plan for external funding submission


Awards will be made based on the application, the quality and significance of the research, PI qualifications and track record, and the competitiveness of the project for external funding.

Final decisions will be made by the Office of Research staff in consultation with applicant’s department chair, Associate Dean for Research, and Dean within two weeks of receiving the application.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at researchdev@kennesaw.edu.

List of funded projects