Limited Submission Opportunities & Program Implementation Grants

Two types of grant proposals require additional institutional approval beyond the chair and dean and these must be discussed with the Office of Research prior to submission.  

Limited Submission is a funding program for which the sponsor has restricted the number of applications or proposals an institution can submit in response to that program; KSU determines which proposals can move forward. For example, the National Science Foundation limits the number of institutional proposals for its Major Research Instrumentation program – KSU can submit no more than three proposals per solicitation.

Program Implementation Grants include scholarship programs for students (NSF, NRC, DOE), college readiness programs for local area high school students, and other programs where KSU is providing a program for either KSU or external constituents. Proposals for such programs must be approved by the University because they represent KSU and often only one proposal from KSU will be considered although there is no official limitation on the number of proposals from an institution.

The principal investigator is responsible for notifying Research Development & Strategic Initiatives if a proposal is being developed for any program that requires this additional institutional approval from KSU.

  • Some external funding opportunities restrict the number of applications allowed from an institution. These limited submission opportunities must therefore undergo review by the Office of Research, which will select the proposals that will be submitted. The goal of review is to ensure the most competitive applications are submitted.

    Procedure for Limited Submission Opportunities

    1.      Notifying Research Development and Strategic Initiatives of Intent to Apply

    Anyone considering submitting a proposal to a limited submission opportunity should notify Research Development and Strategic Initiatives as soon as possible and no later than eight weeks before the sponsor’s proposal deadline.

    This internal deadline for notification applies also to any sponsor’s deadline for a requested Letter of Intent to a limited submission solicitation. Faculty should submit a one-page abstract to Amanda DesLauriers,, identifying the limited submission opportunity to which they want to submit. 

    2.      Internal Competitions for Limited Submission Opportunities

    If there are more parties interested in a limited submission opportunity than allowed submission by the sponsor, the Office of Research will manage an internal competition to select internal candidate(s) for the limited slots. Interested candidates should then email, by the internal deadline set by OOR, the following documents and any other information requested to Amanda DesLauriers at

    • Pre-proposal – Two to Five Pages, including a project title, the investigators and their affiliations, project objectives, summary of project, and a draft project timeline
    • Budget Estimate - One Page, including an accurate description of cost share required and source of funds
    • PI Bio-sketch or CV – formatted appropriately for the funding opportunity

    3.      Review and selection

    The review process for limited submission pre-proposals will depend on the number of pre-proposals submitted and the type of grant mechanism. Reviews will be conducted by the Research Development & Strategic Initiatives division and its collaborators. The goal is to complete reviews, make a recommendation to the VPR and notify proposers of the final decision within five business days of the pre-proposal deadline.

    Successful applicants will receive e-mail notification and will be asked to confirm that they wish to proceed with submitting a full proposal.  They will also be put in contact with the appropriate Sponsored Program Administration staff to help address any needs they might have in the proposal development process.

    General Review Criteria:

    Internal pre-proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

    1. What are the proposal’s strengths & weaknesses as it addresses the program objectives in the solicitation?
    2. Does the project fit with the agency’s primary thrust?
    3. Is the pre-proposal well-written?  Is it clear and concise?  Does it explain the project thoroughly?
    4. Is/Are the investigator(s) able to adequately conduct the proposed scope of work?
  • If you want to apply for a limited submission opportunity that is not listed below, or if you have questions about any of the opportunities listed below, please email Amanda DesLauriers at

    • Program Title
      Internal KSU Deadline
      External Sponsor Deadline