Current Research Projects

The purpose of this page is to help undergraduates find faculty members who are looking for help on research projects. If you see a project you're interested in, click on "learn more" to find out the project details and then email the faculty member directly. 
  • Statistical Analysis & Data Visualization of a Data Set of 1600 Survey Results Measuring Work Related Burnout Using the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI)

    Need a statistical analysis of 1600 responses to the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI), which is an instrument with high validity and reliability. Using Excel and SPSS this statistical analysis would be part of a submission to a peer related journal. Specifically, need Chronbachs alpha for internal reliability, skewness, means, standard deviations, and multivariate outliers.

    Project Field of Study

    Statistics, Psychology

    Faculty Mentor

    Barbara A. Wood

  • A Comprehensive Approach to Support the Requirements Analyst Before, During, and After Requirements Elicitation Interviews

    Requirements engineering is the set of activities concerned with determining and communicating the expectations for a new or modified product, and the contexts in which it will be used. Requirements elicitation, i.e., the practice of collecting these features, called requirements, is the first of these activities and is recognized as a critical and difficult stage in the development of software systems. Among the available elicitation techniques, interviews with stakeholders are the most commonly used in practice. However, a comprehensive approach to improve the effectiveness and the quality of requirements elicitation interviews has not been studied yet. This research aims at filling this gap by providing a set of novel techniques and tools to support the analyst before, during, and after the interview.

    Project Field of Study

    Software Engineering and Game Design

    Faculty Mentor

    Paola Spoletini

  • Design and Synthesis of Mesoporous Nano-electrodes for Rechargeable Battery and Supercapacitor Applications

    This project aims to develop functional mesoporous (2-50 nm) nanomaterials with controlled morphology, surface area, pore size, and nano-crystallinity. Mesoporous Materials are an important class of materials finding applications in numerous fields such as catalysis, adsorption-separation, sensors, and energy storage. Mesoporous carbon and transition metal (Mn, Co, Fe, and Ni) oxide will be synthesized using sol-gel, reflux, and nanocasting methods. The project aims to investigate the effects of materials properties on functional electrochemistry. Synthesized mesoporous carbon and transition metal oxide materials will be tested as electrodes in aqueous rechargeable Zn2+, Ni2+, Na+, and Li+ batteries and as electrochemical supercapacitor electrodes.

    Project Field of Study

    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Faculty Mentor

    Altug S. Poyraz

  • Using Legal Advice Websites to Analyze Law and Politics in the People's Republic of China

    This project uses Chinese legal advice websites (which function in a manner similar to Quora or Yahoo Answers) as an untapped resources for analyzing the political and legal systems of contemporary China.

    Project Field of Study

    Political Science and International Affairs

    Faculty Mentor

    John Wagner Givens

  • Atlanta's Immigrant Crossroads: Untapped Potential or Utilized Promise for Newcomer Integration

    Recently several municipalities in the Atlanta area have declared themselves “welcoming cities” to immigrants and refugees. Atlanta is a new immigrant gateway destination and a region at the crossroads of receptivity (Singer, Hardwick, and Brettel, 2008).

    Project Field of Study

    Geography & Anthropology, Social Work and Human Services

    Faculty Mentors 

    Paul McDaniel
    Darlene Rodriguez