Undergraduate Research Opportunity In The Field Of Population Genetics

Project Description

Population genetics deals with genetic differences within and between populations and is a part of evolutionary biology. It is used to detect genetic diseases and genetic risk factors for multifactorial diseases, understand diseases using insights obtained from genetic risk factors and treat diseases using these insights.   Theoretical population genetics bridges mathematics and evolutionary biology. The cornerstone of  population genetics is the Kingman coalescent. Using a new calculus, fractional calculus, we introduced the modified version of Kingman coalescent, which we call fractional coalescent. In this research, you will learn how by using  Kingman's coalescent and fractional coalescent we could identify and understand the forces that produce and maintain genetic variation in populations. This project is funded by NSF (National Science Foundation), and students who involve in this research could attend the conferences to present their work.

Project Department


Research Requirements

Students should have a familiarity with Differential Equation and Probability Theory.

Project Duration

October 2021-Ongoing


Dr. Somayeh Mashayekhi, smashay1@kennesaw.edu