STEM Peer Augmented Success & Support (STEM-PASS)-Using TI-Robotic Kits and EEG-enhanced Brain Augmented Technology Research

Project Description

The Brain Augmented Technology BAT aspect of this study will research event-related potentials (ERPs) which reflect the electrical activity of neurons that underlie cognitive and sensory processing. Our EEG and ERPs laboratory will enhance our ability to investigate the neural processes underlying, for example, attention, memory, inhibition, and language. The  in-house EEG  systems have high performance  relative  to  other systems.

The supplied Texas Instrument Robotics System Kit will help students to: Learn software development methodology: Understand how to set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Learn import and export Code Composer Studio (CCS) projects: Learn critical debugging information of memory usage and performance of the software on the TI-RSLK processor: and Learn to create a control system by combining the sensors with the actuators.
Based on a comprehensive assessment of KSU and close community circumstances, there is a critical need for improving STEM discipline offerings for the predominantly female and minority students at KSU here. Consequently, this proposal aims at an institutional exercise that will aid the implementation of a comprehensive stem studies improvement plans in combination with research activities that will sustainably galvanize improved preparation of female and minority students for careers in STEM, especially engineering.

This project will address two competitive preference priorities (1) promoting innovation and efficiency, streamlining STEM education with an increased focus on improving student outcomes, and providing increased value to students and taxpayers, and (2) fostering knowledge and promoting the development of skills that prepare students to be informed, thoughtful, and productive individuals and citizens.

This will be an effort to design for the Attraction, Recruitment, Nurturing, Supporting, Graduating, Placing and Tracking of Female and Minority STEM students in Cobb County, Georgia, and particularly here at KSU. This is being done is to help students at KSU to PASS over some of the systemic barriers and roadblocks to earning an undergraduate education and pursuing careers in STEM, especially engineering. By accomplishing these goals, STEM-PASS will improve the academic success and retention of females and minority Americans in STEM in the U.S.

Project Department

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research Requirements

Students from diverse and multi-disciplinary programs are encouraged to join this Team.

Project Duration

Fall 2021-Fall 2022


Dr. Cyril Okhio,