Computational resources are playing an increasingly important role in meeting the needs of researchers and in preparing students for careers in commercial and academic fields.  To serve the needs of the KSU research community,  Kennesaw State University provides specialized technology resources like the High Performance Computing cluster.  

The Center for Research Computing is committed to supporting the efforts of those with research computing needs by offering consultation, documentation and training for compute facilities.  The support, documentation and technical expertise for research computing on this site is provided via a partnership between KSU’s Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the CIO and Vice President for Information Technology



  • SP22 HPC Workshops

    Spring 2022 HPC Workshop Series

    The KSU Center for Research Computing hosted four sessions this Spring, see the recordings and slides here.

    • Weeks Lab RNA

      New Software added to HPC

      The Weeks-UNC repository of RNA software tools added to the KSU HPC software.

      Titles include:
      Shapemapper2, RingMapper, ShapeJumper, Structure Analysis, RNATools, SuperFold, deltaShape and others.

      • HPC wiki screenshot

        New HPC Wiki!

        UITS has updated the software for the server that is a documentation source for the KSU HPC cluster.
        • HIPAA Teams Meeting

          HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule Training (Session 2: Technical Considerations)

          This session includes HIPAA rule interpretation and implementation.

          (KSU Login Required): Teams Recording, Slide Deck
          • HIPAA Training for Researchers

            HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule Training (Session 1: General Information)

            As part of our preparing to conduct research with HIPAA data, KSU is working with Dr. Anurag Shankar from Indiana University.  Part of the engagement includes a training session on HIPAA for researchers. 

            (KSU login required): Teams Recording , Slide Deck
            • HPC Office Hours

              Research Computing Office Hours

              On most Fridays at noon, you can check out the mostly weekly series of HPC Office Hours and training sessions.