What is HPC?

High Performance is the practice of using a cluster of powerful techonology, working in parallel, to process and solve advanced computation problems.

At KSU, there are some 70 server-class computers clustered together in a way to provide a variety of environments to meet the needs of researchers and their teams.

HPC Map 2023

The image above includes several points of interst about the HPC:

  • The HPC is available to on and off-campus users
  • Access requires the use of the KSU VPN and DUO (not shown)
  • All the componenets of the system are interconnected on a fast, internal network
  • Most of the server nodes support CPU based solutions.
  • There are 4 nodes that offer GPU resources (each with 4 Nvidia V100s)
  • Ther is one node designated as a high memory resource (1.5 TB RAM)
  • There is storage supporting HPC and the Student HPC
  • User home directories are available via a highly reliable /data storage
  • High Performing Run-time storage is avaiable via /scratch storage