Active Grants: 

  1. Agency: NSF 
    Prof. Nikolaos Kidonakis (PI) and  Dr. Marco Guzzi(co-PI) 
    Start date: 1 Sep 2021 
    End date: 31 Aug 2024 
    Amount funded: $300,000

  2. Title: Design and Implementation of an IoT Testbed for Secure Software Deployment and Testing using Containerization 
    PI: Dr. Maria Valero 
    Start Date: July 1st, 2021 
    End Date: June 30th, 2022 
    Amount: $14,907.89
  3. Agency: NSF 
    Title: SaTC: CORE: Small: RUI: Improving Performance of Standoff Iris Recognition Systems Using Deep Learning Frameworks  
    Mahmut Karakaya (PI) 
    Start date: 1 Aug 2020 
    End date: 30 Sep 2022 
    Amount funded: $233,606 

  4. Agency: Army Research Office (ARO) 
    Title: Multimodal Inference of Human State to Track Cognitive Processes in Risky Environments 
    Sylvia Bhattacharya (PI) 
    Start date: Aug 2020 (?) 
    End date: Aug 2021 (?) 
    Amount funded: $154,872 

Completed Grants: 

  1. Agency: NSF 
    Title: RUI: Computational Study of Vibrational Motion in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems  
    Martina Kaledin (PI) 
    Start date: Sep 2019 
    End date: Aug 2022 
    Amount funded: $232,892
  2. Agency: NSF 
    Title: Quantum Kinetics of Laser-Induced Electron Hole Plasmas in Nanowire Arrays  
    Jeremy Gulley (PI) 
    Start date: June 2019 
    End date: May 2022 
    Amount funded: $116,948