New User QuickStart

Case: You are tired of putting sticky notes on your lab computer that say “leave machine on, job in progress” and your laptop hard drive is full. You need to consider using the KSU HPC.    

Get an account:

HPC Account Request Form
Note: Faculty can request their own accounts or can sponsor accounts for students.

Install the global protect vpn client from

Guide: KSU Campus Network Access - Mac
Video: KSU VPN for Mac Users

Guide: KSU Campus Network Access - Windows
Video: KSU VPN for Windows Users

Note: A VPN connection is required to access the HPC for both on and off-campus users.

Mac: Launch Self Service app to install to your settings.

In your top menu bar, use the globe icon to click ‘Connect’

Win:  In the connection settings of Global Protect, add

In you system tray, use the globe icon to click ‘Connect’

Upload your file(s):

Mac: Launch Cyberduck and ‘Open Connection’ with the SFTP protocol (Video help)

Server: Port: 22
Username: your_netid
Password: your_netid_password

Win: Launch Bitvise SFTP session (Video help)

Server: Port: 22
Username: your_netid
Password: your_netid_password
Note: If asked to accept a private key, click 'Yes' to trust host. 

Start an SSH session:

Mac:  Launch

At the prompt, enter ‘ssh’

Win: Launch Power Shell

At the prompt, enter ‘ssh’

Test your code or process:

Once logged in, your session will begin on a login node

NOTE: Do not test your code or run cpu intensive applications on the login node.

Use the ‘interact’ script to reserve a 1 compute node for your own use for an hour.

$ interact   

To request more time (8 hour max) and more nodes (Ex. 2)

$ interact -t 8:00:00 -n 2

For all the options, $ interact -help

Note: once your testing is complete, exit your interact session before submitting your qsub reservation.

$ exit

Build a simple submission script (my_script.pbs):

#PBS -N your_script_name
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1
#PBS -l walltime=01:00:00
#PBS -m abe

JOBID=`echo #PBS_JOBID | cut -f1 -d.`


exit 0

Submit your job submission script

$ qsub my_script.pbs

Review your results

$ cat your_results.file