• Mission Statement

    Research Computing at Kennesaw State University (KSU) promotes research utilizing high performance computing infrastructure for faculty, researchers, staff, and students by fostering secure and ethical computing, processing and data analysis while promoting diversity, collaborations and outreach. 

    • Vision Statement

      Research Computing aims to provide algorithmic, data-oriented, machine learning and architectural solutions for faculty, researchers, and students besides providing high performance hardware and software resources to promote research at KSU. Beyond making high performance computing resources available to researchers, Research Computing aims to collaborate with the faculty in writing proposals and participate in solving problems that require high performance computing. Moreover, Research Computing aims to build a network of researchers who are or plan to be involved in high performance computing to foster research and proposal submissions at KSU.

      • People

        Dr. Ramazan S. Aygun has joined Kennesaw State University as a Director of Research Computing and an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science in 2020 with joint appointment in School of Data Science and Analytics. He has published or presented over 100 refereed international journal/conference/workshop papers and book chapters in various aspects of data science including data mining, data modeling, data communications, data compression, data presentation, data retrieval, data indexing, data querying, and data fusion. He has performed research on protein crystallization analysis, bioinformatics/biochemistry, data mining, machine learning, computer vision, image & video processing, information retrieval, spatio-temporal indexing & querying, multimedia synchronization, and multimedia databases. Dr. Aygun served as a program co-chair of IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia in 2012 and 2018. He served on the organization and program committees of around 60 conferences and workshops. He also served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia from 2018 to 2020. He is a co-author of the book titled "Data Analytics for Protein Crystallization" published by Springer in 2017.

        Research Interests: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining,  Protein Crystallization, Bioinformatics, Querying & Indexing, Computer Vision, Video & Image Processing, Robotics, Multimedia Systems, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Multimedia Databases, Multimedia Networking & Synchronization

        Tom Boyle has worked at Kennesaw State University since the Spring of 2003.  Originally, he supported the Learning Management Systems and the early adopters of these services.  He has long been interested in using Linux and open source software to find solutions for academic situations.  As the web footprint of the university grew, he worked to deliver dynamic web content for a wide range of custom websites.  In 2012, the early research computing resources were founded within the Advanced Computing department.  By 2015, he launched a small student computing cluster built with free software and retired enterprise hardware.  In Summer of 2019, Tom joined the Office of Research where he continues to support research computing efforts through outreach and training.

        Research Computing Advisory Committee

        • Mallika Boyapati

          Mallika Boyapati Graduate Research Assistant

          Graduate Research Assistant

          Phone: () -
          Email: mboyapat@kennesaw.edu

          Ph.D. in SDSA
        • Davide Gaetano

          Davide Gaetano Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Director, Infrastructure Engineering

          Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Director, Infrastructure Engineering

          Phone: (470) 578-6620
          Email: dgaetano@kennesaw.edu
          Location: TS 019

          University Information Technology Services (UITS)
        • Jeremy Gulley

          Jeremy Gulley Associate Professor of Physics

          Associate Professor of Physics

          Phone: (470) 578-2933
          Email: jgulley@kennesaw.edu
          Location: MS 232

          Department of Physics
        • Chih-Cheng Hung

          Chih-Cheng Hung Professor of Computer Science

          Professor of Computer Science

          Phone: (470) 578-3793
          Email: chung1@kennesaw.edu
          Location: J 384

          Department of Computer Science
        • Martina Kaledin

          Martina Kaledin Professor of Chemistry

          Professor of Chemistry

          Phone: (470) 578-6281
          Email: mkaledin@kennesaw.edu
          Location: SC 434

          Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
        • Adam Kaplan

          Adam Kaplan Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

          Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

          Phone: (470) 578-5084
          Email: akaplan8@kennesaw.edu
          Location: L 157

          Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
        • Milad Minooie

          Milad Minooie Associate Professor of Communication

          Associate Professor of Communication

          Phone: (470) 578-6599
          Email: mminooie@kennesaw.edu
          Location: SO 5108

          School of Communication & Media