Fall Edition


  • Fall Symposium 2022The Fall 2022 Symposium of Student Scholars will be held on Thursday November 17, 2022.

  • The event will be hybrid: Students can choose to present in person on the Marietta campus or virtually through Microsoft Teams.

  • Submit an abstract today! 

  • Questions? Email our@kennesaw.edu

  • The Symposium of Student Scholars accepts all projects submitted by current undergraduate or graduate students. Students who have graduated in the last year but who did the work while a student at KSU are also eligible to present at the Symposium. 

    The Symposium of Student Scholars is designed to showcase student research. We use the following definition of research (adapted from the Council on Undergraduate Research):

    A mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by students that seeks to make an original scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge.

    Some projects submitted to the Symposium of Student Scholars may not fully meet this definition -- for example, the project is a review of other research in the area rather than an original scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge. We welcome all projects at the Symposium, but only projects that meet the definition of "research" will be considered for awards. The application form in the Call for Abstracts section contains a question about which kind of project you are submitting.

    • Click here for the Symposium of Student Scholars application, which is an online application through KSU Digital Commons. (Please note that you may have to set up an account on Digital Commons if you have not done so already.)  
    • Abstracts are due Monday October 31, 2022 at 11:59pm
    • A separate form should be used for each individual project.
    • All projects submitted will be accepted.
    • We encourage ALL graduate and undergraduate students engaging in research/creative activity during the past year to present their work at the Symposium of Student Scholars, showcasing all of the great projects at KSU.
    • Proposals can be submitted as oral presentations, performances, art displays, or posters.

    *Note: You will need to write an abstract for your submission if you are presenting at the Symposium of Student Scholars.

    • For examples of past abstracts, check out past programs here.
    • For a short (12-minute) video on writing effective abstracts, click here
  • The event will be held on November 17, 2022 from 11:00am - 5:00pm. The event will be hybrid -- students will present face-to-face on the Marietta campus or virtually using Microsoft Teams. 

    Concurrent Sessions: These are student presentations -- posters, art displays, oral presentations, and performances.

    Locations: The posters and art displays will be held in the Gymnasium (Marietta Campus). Oral presentations and performances will be held in the classroom buildings on the Marietta Campus. There will be a virtual option using Microsoft Teams.

    There will be catering throughout the event (in the Gymnasium), so drop by anytime to check out student presentations and get a snack. No RSVP required, and attendance is free. 

    • Time
    • 11:00am – 11:45am
      Concurrent Session #1
    • 12:00pm – 12:45pm
      Concurrent Session #2
    • 1:00pm – 1:45pm
      Concurrent Session #3
    • 2:00pm – 2:45pm
      Concurrent Session #4
    • 3:00pm – 3:45pm
      Concurrent Session #5
    • 4:00pm – 4:45pm
      Concurrent Session #6


  • We welcome you to the second Symposium of Student Scholars to be held on the Marietta campus! If you are new to this campus, please consult this map.

    Your first stop should be the Gymnasium, where you can check in (remember, this event is part of Scrappy's Bucket List, so you want to make sure to get credit for attending). There is also food and swag in the Gymnasium. 

    From there, you can stay in the Gymnasium to check out the posters. Or, you can head over to the oral presentations that are being held in classroom buildings on campus (exact locations TBA).

    If you are coming from the Kennesaw campus, you can take the Big Owl Bus. The routes and leave times can be found here

  • If you are new to parking on the Marietta Campus, please consult this map for more information on parking areas.

    If you need a physical address to any location on the Marietta Campus, you can check here.  

    • Faculty/Staff can park in any faculty staff spot on campus. The P 21 lot is a Faculty/Staff lot, and you are welcome to park there.
    • Students from the Kennesaw Campus who have permits should park where their permit allows, which is the same for Marietta.
    • Online students who do not pay for parking will need to park in the P 60 deck in the visitor/pay lot parking. 
    • Individuals who are volunteering for the Symposium (e.g., a volunteer, an RSO member staffing a table) can park in P 21 if space is available.
  • If you are faculty, staff, administrator, postdoctoral researcher, or graduate student, we would love for you to judge session! The survey to sign up to judge can be found here. We are especially in need of volunteers who can judge in person on the Marietta campus. You will receive further instructions, including the specific presentations you are assigned to judge, as we get closer to the event.

    If you are a moderator of oral presentations, please consult the moderator guidelines here

  • In Person: If you are planning to do a poster or a visual arts display in person, you will be assigned a 45-minute timeslot sometime between 11:00am and 5:00pm to display your work in the Gymnasium on the Marietta campus. Those displaying visual art should contact us to coordinate the logistics (our@kennesaw.edu). Those of you displaying a poster, please get it printed for free here. Resources for creating effective posters for conferences can be found here and here

    Virtual: All virtual presentations will held in Microsoft Teams in 15-minute increments. If you are displaying visual art virtually, you might want to create a powerpoint with photos of your work. If you are presenting a poster, you will need to create a talk about your poster and zoom in on the parts you're referring to as you talk. Each virtual poster presentation will have its own Teams link, so please use it to practice your presentation before the event. Make sure you know how to share your screen, zoom in and out (if necessary), mute noisy attendees, check the chat for questions, etc. Practice with friends! If, during your practice sessions, you type into the chat, don’t worry – your attendees at the Symposium won’t see what was put in the chat before they join the session (you will still see it though).

  • In Person: Oral presentations and performances will be scheduled in classrooms and other spaces on the Marietta Campus in 15-minute increments. We will attempt to schedule similar sessions in a one-hour time block so attendees will be interested in staying for the entire time. Resources for creating effective oral presentations for conferences can be found here and here. If you are preseting a PowerPoint, you should either bring it on a flash drive or email it to yourself so you can pull it up when you arrive. Please arrive at the BEGINNING of the concurrent session so you have time to load up your presentation beforehand. So for example, if you are presenting at 11:30am, you are presenting during Concurrent Session #1, which goes from 11:00am - 11:45am. You should arrive in the designated room around 11:00am so you have time to load your presentation before the Concurrent Session begins. 

    Virtual: All virtual presentations will be held in Microsoft Teams in 15-minute increments. For oral presentations, students typically create a PowerPoint and share their screen while presenting. For performances, you might record the performance and show it, or you could do the performance live with a camera on you. Each virtual oral presentation will have its own Teams link, so please use it to practice your presentation before the event. Make sure you know how to share your screen, zoom in and out (if necessary), mute noisy attendees, check the chat for questions, etc. Practice with friends! If, during your practice sessions, you type into the chat, don’t worry – your attendees at the Symposium won’t see what was put in the chat before they join the session (you will still see it though).

  • There are prizes for the top presentations by undergraduate and graduate researchers. To view past winners, click here

    The judging rubric can be found here

  • Please click here to view programs, photos and listing of prize winners from previous symposiums. 

  • Faculty can add the Symposium of Student Scholars to their course syllabi, promoting attendance and/or participation. The event is open to all KSU undergraduate and graduate students and attendance/participation is free. Some ways that faculty can integrate the conference in their coursework include: 

    • Encourage students to submit abstracts so that they have an opportunity to present at a university-wide conference where they will get to network with peers and other faculty in a familiar setting. Student can also polish their communication and presentation delivery skills, learn and/or improve their abstract writing abilities, and gain the experience of responding to audience and judges‘ questions about their research.   
    • Encourage students to attend a specific number of sessions. Example assignments can be: 
      • Writing a short reflection on what they learned at the conference.
      • Making connections between research from the conference and course content.
      • Critically evaluating research presentations they attend at the conference. 
    • We will be using Microsoft Teams for presenters who choose the virtual option. Teams will allow multiple people to virtually attend a session. Presenters can share their screen to show a powerpoint, a poster, or other visuals. Attendees can ask questions virtually or by using a chat box within the session. More details on how to specifically use Teams for the Symposium can be found here

    • Check either the PDF or Excel version of the program to find your time. The links to join virtual sessions are hyperlinks labeled "Join now." 

    • No. Everyone uses the same link to join the session. 

    • You have been given a 15-minute slot for your presentation. We recommend that you do the following for your presentation:

      1. Enter your assigned "room" at least 10 minutes before the session starts.
      2. Share your screen and show an opening slide so attendees know they've entered the correct "room." We have created a sample opening slide that you can modify, but you can feel free to make your own as well. Information about how to share your screen can be found here
      3. If you are using presentation software like PowerPoint, Prezi, or OneNote: Start your presentation at the assigned time, and go into "presenter" mode to make your slides easier to read for the audience. Be sure to leave plenty of time for questions at the end. 
      4. If you are not using presentation software: We strongly encourage you to turn on your video so attendees have something to look at. More specific details about how to turn on the video feature can be found here
      5. When you're finished giving your presentation, ask the audience if they have any questions. Be sure to check the chat box to see if anyone wrote any questions. 
      6. Once your 15 minutes are up, many attendees will need to leave to attend other sessions, but you're welcome to stay in your "room" to talk to people (the code is unique to your session). 
    • Please do not start your presentation early, as presentations have been scheduled back to back, and attendees might be coming from another session. The link to your session is unique for you, which means you could go later if you wanted to, but we encourage you to end on time so that attendees can head to other sessions if they want. Judges in particular will often not be able to stay late, so they will likely take points off if your presentation is too long. 

      However, we strongly encourage you if you are able to stay in your session and chat with attendees informally if no one has to immediately leave. There is absolutely no problem with informal chats after the official end time for your session.

    • Not at this time. You will show it during your presentation, and if you'd like, you can attach your presentation to the "Chat" in Microsoft Teams if you would like your audience to have access to it. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

    • Yes! Everyone, regardless of whether they attend KSU or not, can join in. Here are the instructions on how to join virtual sessions: 

      1. Download the MS Teams app if you haven't already.
      2. Look through the program (either as a PDF or an Excel file) to find the sessions you're interested in attending. 
      3. At the assigned time or a few minutes before, click on the code to join the session -- a hyperlink called "Join now." 
      4. Please mute your microphone to avoid disrupting the speaker. 
    • Yes - we are happy to accept the research you completed while a student at KSU in the past year.

    • This is normally not allowed because it gives the impression that you have done more research than you actually have. HOWEVER!! In this case, it is permissible. The Symposium of Student Scholars is a chance to show off your work to the campus and larger community; we want to see what you’ve done at these other conferences. If you are creating a resume/vita, you should somehow indicate that the presentation at the Symposium of Student Scholars is the same as a presentation elsewhere.

    • Definitely! Any student who has engaged in research/creative activity is eligible to get his/her name in the program. You can present the finished research at the next Symposium of Student Scholars, or you can present preliminary data now if you wish.

    • Definitely! All students, faculty, administrators, staff, and community members are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they have research to present. Attending the Symposium of Student Scholars is an excellent way to see the research opportunities available at Kennesaw State University.

    • Judges are faculty volunteers; sometimes there are no judges (or not enough judges) from a particular discipline. If you would like to see better representation of your discipline, encourage your professors to attend the Symposium of Student Scholars and sign up to be a judge.