The Symposium of Student Scholars is an event to showcase student scholarship conducted at KSU during the past academic year. In previous years, we have had a great deal of disciplinary diversity in projects presented, including readings of new works from authors, performances of new compositions from musicians, explanations of curricular innovations from educators, innovative business models from entrepreneurs, urban landscape analyses from geographers, and a wide variety of scientific research papers.

The Symposium of Student Scholars showcases research conducted by ALL KSU students, not solely undergraduates. KSU graduate students are encouraged to present the results of their research projects. Their work will be designated as "Graduate" in the program.

**We encourage ALL KSU students engaging in research/creative activity during the last academic year to submit their projects to the Symposium of Student Scholars. Even if you are unable to physically present your work at the Symposium, your project and the names of all authors and co-authors will be recognized in the program.

Since fall 2020, the Symposium of Student Scholars has been held in the fall and spring.

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