Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Funds

  • Travel expenses to present at conferences or collect data 
  • Supplies or materials to conduct research (for example, software, materials for the arts, scientific supplies, books/journals that cannot be provided by the library, etc.)

Special funding will be set aside for applicants who are conducting interdisciplinary research related to at least one of these themes:

  1. Biomedical and Health Services
  2. Technology and Computing
  3. Sustainable and Safe Communities
  4. Human Development and Well-Being

The undergraduates will be required to present their research at the annual Symposium of Student Scholars. Students who have completed a presentation or exhibition at an off-campus venue as a result of this program will be designated as an Undergraduate Research Scholar and presented with an Undergraduate Research Honor Cord prior to graduation. 

Upon the completion of the project(s), recipients are required to send a final report to the Office of Undergraduate Research that includes abstract(s) of the project results and a list of the presentations/ publications/exhibitions from the work completed. 

Questions: our@kennesaw.edu

Please note that the templates used in the application process have been updated in September 2019 and should be the only version used going forward. If you would like to view a sample from a previously funded proposal, click here

Application Due Dates
  • Friday July 12, 2019
  • Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 
  • Friday, Jan. 17, 2020
Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the deadline date.
Funding Amount
  • Limited to a maximum of $1,000 per student per academic year in order to provide as many opportunities for undergraduate researchers as possible. 
Faculty Mentors
  • May be associated with a maximum of 3 proposals per funding round and receive a maximum of 3 awards per year (July 1 – June 30) as the primary mentor.
  • All funding proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of faculty experts in the field of study. The Director and/or Associate Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research will serve as program director for individual funding rounds, selecting panel participants according to the content of the submitted proposals.

    This process is modeled after the National Science Foundation (NSF) review process (described here) and is applicable to these funding opportunities.The review process will be updated with a “return without review” option for proposals that do not adhere to the proposal guidelines, consistent with the NSF process. It is crucial that PIs strictly adhere to the submission guidelines as no exceptions will be considered. Panel review will allow for more technically written proposals and review by experts in the field of study, increasing the focus on intellectual merit.

    Panel comments will be aggregated by an assigned scribe and provided to submitters, assisting in future proposal development. URCA submissions are evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • Quality of writing
    • Scholarly merit
    • Impact on undergraduate researcher
    • Faculty mentor track record (or potential track record for new faculty mentors)

    If you have questions about the panel review process or you are a faculty member interested in participating as a panelist, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at our@kennesaw.edu.

    • Faculty mentors must be under contract at Kennesaw State University.
    • Faculty mentors may be associated with a maximum of 3 proposals per funding round as primary mentor.
    • Faculty mentors may be associated with a maximum of 3 URCA awards per year (July 1 – June 30) as primary mentors.
    • Individual students may receive only $1,000 maximum per academic year.
    • All KSU-supported research projects are administered in accordance with established University fiscal procedures and research policies. These include all travel regulations, policies relating to the protection of human subjects, and policies related to intellectual property rights. All publications and presentations must acknowledge the assistance of Kennesaw State University.
    • The faculty member and students are expected to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to collecting any data if the project includes research involving human or animal subjects.
    • Each URCA application must contain one student only. 
    • Faculty sections can be identical across multiple URCA submissions. Student sections cannot be identical across multiple URCA submissions; these will be returned without review. 
    • Students who are not funded the first time they submit are strongly urged to apply again the following round if they can address the review committee's concerns.
    • All submissions must be in the form of the appropriate submission template with all sections completed. Do not alter the templates before submitting; these will be returned without review.