URCA Funds Application Submission Process

URCA application process
Questions: our@kennesaw.edu
    1. Download the application form and complete all sections. 
    2. Save your application form as a PDF with the following file name for the attachment: Student Last Name-Student First Name-Month-Year-URCA (for example, an URCA submitted in September 2022 by Jane Smith would be labeled as Smith-Jane-September-2022-URCA).
    3. Submit the file by uploading it here

    The Application Form* consists of two sections: Faculty Section and Student Section. The faculty section should be clearly written by the faculty mentor; the student section should be clearly written by the student. Student sections that appear to have been written by the faculty mentor or that are identical to other submissions will not be considered. 

    *Please note that this application form has been updated in April 2022 and should be the only version used going forward.

    It will be the responsibility of the individual submitting the proposal to ascertain that the proposal materials are complete when submitted (all requested information is included; no materials missing). The funding committee will not consider incomplete applications.