Funded URCA awards



    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title
    • Caleb Lawrence, Architecture
      Elizabeth Martin-Malikian, Edwin Akins
      City in the Forest
    • Marysia LaRosa, Architecture
      Elizabeth Martin-Malikian, Edwin Akins
      Mending Times/Minds: Urban Revitalization of the 'Rust Belt' City: Utica, New York
    • Breck Small, Architecture
      Giovanni Loreto
      Primary Focus: A New Precedent for Ugandan Education 
    • William Chase Sisk, Architecture
      Marietta Monaghan
      How the Automobile Changed Monroe
    • Devon Sams, Architecture
      Peter Pittman
      Golden Scrutiny: from Analog-to-Digital 
    • Ana Giron, Architecture
      Arash Soleimani
      Imaginative Engagement: Consolidating Play and Learning through the Spatial Design of Classrooms
    • Jared Triemer, Architecture
      Elizabeth Martin-Malikian, Tim Frank
      Faith in Humanity: An Exploration of Spiritually Inclusive Architecture
    • Destiny Page, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      Rajnish Singh, Kisa Ranasinghe
      Biological Applications of a Nanoceria Containing Novel Bioactive Glass
    • Kelly Linz, Geography & Anthropology
      Jun Tu
      Predicting Groundwater Pollution Levels Using Land Cover Raster Data in ArcMap and SAS
    • Katherine Mitchell, Mechanical Engineering
      Jungkyu Park, Eduardo Farfan, Andrew Hummel, Tien Yee
      Thermal Transport in Actinide Oxide Fuels with Interstitial Defects & Sensitivity of Thermal Transport in Uranium Dioxide to Fission Gas
    • Alex Resnick, Mechanical Engineering
      Jungkyu Park, Eduardo Farfan
      Three-Dimensional Printing of Carbon Nanostructures
    • Emma Henry, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Jonathan McMurry, Thomas Leeper, Carol Chrestensen
      The Auto-Inhibitory Loop of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Kinetic and Structural Characterization to p38
    • Jackson Hill, Mechanical Engineering
      Jungkyu Park, Eduardo Farfan
      2020 American Nuclear Society Student Conference: "Thermal Properties of a Lif-ThF4 Molten Salt Fuel"
    • Bryce Atchley, Mechanical Engineering
      Jungkyu Park, Eduardo Farfan
      2020 American Nuclear Society Student Conference: "Thermal Transport in Molten Salt Reactor Fuels"
    • Ian Foster, Physics
      Kisa Ranasinghe, Rajnish Singh
      Xray Absorbtion Near Edge Structure Spectroscopy in Borate Glass Containing Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles
    • Leandra Girma, Sociology & Criminal Justice
      Darina Lepadatu
      An Investigation into the Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System,Housing, Employment and Education: What Can We Do About It in Georgia?
    • Callie Bernstein, Sociology & Criminal Justice
      Darina Lepadatu
      Women's Health in Georgia: Teenage Pregnancy, Maternal & Infant Mortality, and the new Heartbeat Law
    • Emily Barbour, Computer Science
      Kevin McFall
      Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Using Open Source Software ECTC Journal Conference Presentation
    • Matthew McCadden
      Lara Smith-Sitton, Linda Niemann
      Native American Representation in Film
    • Camille Atlan, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Michael Van Dyke
      Transcription Factor Discovery in the Extremophile Thermus thermophilus HB8
    • Jayson Tyler Gragg, Mechatronics
      Kevin McFall
      Real Time Virtual Reality Remotely Operated Vehicle
    • Salina Shanks, English
      Lesia Miller Schnur
      A Feminist Vampire in Iran: Ana Lily Amirpour's A Girl Walks Home at Night Research Paper
    • Emily Rubin, Communications & Media
      Lesia Miller Schnur
      Men's Sexualized View of Women as a Monster to Men and Women in Jonathan Glazer's Film "Under the Skin"
    • Caitlin Hobbs, Geography & Anthropology
      Lesia Miller Schnur
      Everyone Deserves to Be Seen: The Importance of Representation in Modern Media(and) The Heroine's Journey and its Representation in Horror
    • Milan Haddad, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      Altug Poyraz
      Investigating Cathode Dissolution by Homegenous Sol-Gel Coating on Maganese Dioxide Nanofibers to Extend Battery Performance
    • Gary Owenby, Geography & Anthropology
      Terry Powis
      A Petrographic Comparison of Swift Creek Ceramics in the Etowah River Valley
    • Cameron Redovian, Mechatronics
      Matthew Marshall
      An Application of a Digital Twin to Robotic System Design for a Unstructured Enviroment
    • Adisson Maalouf, Computer Engineering
      Billy Kihei
      Securing Global Positioning System in the Blockchain using Vehicle-to-Everything Communications
    • TJ Bixby, Sociology & Criminal Justice
      Darina Lepadatu
      The Criminal Justice System in Georgia: Why Are the Incarceration, Recidivism, Drug Offenses and Police Brutality So High?
    • Jooeun Kim, English
      Jayoung Choi
      Culture and Teacher Identity in Cases of Two English as Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers in South Korea
    • Zhuolin Li, Computer Science
      Hossain Shahriar
      Deep Machine Learning-based Technique for Spam Email Detection
    • Carson Wiles, Mechanical Engineering
      Sathish Gurupatham
      5th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
    • Joshuah G. Leljedal, Civil and Construction Engineering
      Mohammad Jonaidi
      Using Comprehensive Finite Element Analysis to Simulate Mechanical  & Structural Elements
    • Jasmine Anderson, Molecular and Cellular Biology
      Ramya Rajagopalan, Melanie Griffin
      Pseudomonas aeruginosa actively evades predation by Myxobacteria
    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title
    • Mervin Johns, Electrical Engineering
      Sandip Das
      Hybrid Magneto-Piezoelectric Ocean-wave Energy Harvesting Device for Sustainable Boats and Ships
    • Daniel Fulcher, Mechanical Engineering
      Muhammad Salman
      The Etiology and Management of IIIiotibiial Band Syndrome (ITBS) in Runners
    • Austin Crawford, Electrical Engineering
      Bill Diong
      Hybrid Seven-level Multi-level Inverter
    • Chandler Cooper, Civil & Construction Engineering
      Mohammed Jonaidi
      A Civil Engineering Experimental Research Project on Post-Tensioned Concrete Construction
    • Kathryn Crocker, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Tsai-Tien Tseng
      Identification of Phages as Biocontrol Agents Against Strepococcus
    • Victoria Romero, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Daniel Ferreira
      Remediation of Radiocessium Contaminated Soil in Fukushima, Japan
    • Hala Alfalih, Architecture
      Jeffrey Collins
      A Material Exploration for a Parametricallly Informed Settlement on Mars


    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title
    • Joshua Robinson, Architecture
      Liz Martin
      Community-Based Healthcare: Interlace of Biophilic Design in Out Patient Facilities
    • Brittnay Adkins, Architecture
      Tim Frank
      Sensorial Architecture: Design for Well-Being
    • Kersten A. Forsberg, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      Carol Chrestensen
      ASBMB Annual Meeting
    • Ashley Turcios, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Paula C. Jackson
      Detection and Identification of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the American Sycamore & Black Willow Species
    • Michael Nolan, Computer Engineering
      Hoseon Lee
      Feasibility Study of a Microfluidic Solenoid for Discrete Quantitation of Magnetized Cells
    • Joseph Lee, Mechanical Engineering
      Hoseon Lee
      Feasibility Study of a Microfluidic Solenoid for Discrete Quantitation of Magnetized Cells
    • Chase Hughes, Electrical Engineering
      Sandip Das
      Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms Implemented via Low-cost Field Programmable Gate Arrays
    • Luan Joubert, English
      Lara Smith-Sitton
      The Strange Loop of David Foster Wallace's Sincere Metafiction
    • Micah Poisal, Exercise Science & Sport Management
      Garrett Hester
      South East American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference
    • Ash Scarborough, Sociology & Criminal Justice
      La Shonda Mims
      "Girls are Such a Drag" : A Content Analysis of Misogynistic Lyrics in Pop-Punk Music
    • Michael Weitzel, Mechanical Engineering
      Ayse Tekes
      Design, Analysis, Modeling, & Experimental Validation of Compliant Five Bar Mechanism
    • Mary K. Grimes, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Scott J. Nowak
      Identification of Akirin-interacting proteins that are critical for myogenesis
    • Kayla Herren, Psychological Science
      Ebony Glover
      Race Differences in Emotion Regulation: The Role of Early Childhood Trauma Exposure
    • CaSaundra White, Psychological Science
      Katherine White
      The Impact of Racial Outgroup Criticisms on Motivation to Engage in Corrective Behavior
    • Logan Turner, Psychological Science
      Katherine White
      The Impact of Racial Outgroup Criticisms on Motivation to Engage in Corrective Behavior
    • Amber Adair, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Evelina W. Sterling
      Overcoming Policy & Community Barriers to Treatment for Pregnant Women Addicted to Opioids in Rural North Georgia
    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title
    • Cole Ayers, Architecture
      Giovanni Loretto
      Non-rigid Formwork Systems with Optimized Concrete Mixtures
    • Dyesha Holmes, Architecture
      Liz Martin
      Reframing Urban Redevelopment Via Women Empowerment: Sustaining existing community in the West End Neighborhood
    • Hayley Leavitt, School of Art & Design
      Jonathan Fisher
      Constructing a Learners Culture: Merging Student Voice, Student Pedagogy, Creativity and SoTL
    • Stephen McKenney, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      Jonathan Lyon
      Investigating the Reaction of Alkanes to Fuel Alcohols on Metal Doped Semiconductor Clusters
    • Harriet Haisty, Computer Science
      Sarah North
      Harriet Haisty Brain-Control Interface Research Grant Request
    • Sam Boatright, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Matthew Weand
      Potential for Cascading Ecosystem Effects Driven by Chinese Privet, An Invasive Riparian Plant
    • Taylor Swaggerty, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Paula C. Jackson
      Comparing Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associations in Two Riparian Species, Salix nigra Marshall and Platanus occidentalis L. Using Confocal Microscopy
    • Brandon Jack, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Thomas McElroy
      Potential Transmission of Snake Fungal Disease Through Wooden Box Traps in Biodiversity Study
    • Jennifer Turner, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
      Thomas McElroy
      Detection of Snake Fungal Disease-Causing Fungus, Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola on Free Ranging Snakes in Managed Habitats in Northwest Georgia
    • Patrick Roberts, Electrical Engineering
      Bill Diong
      Wireless Power Transfer Research
    • Jacob Barron, Electrical Engineering
      Sandip Das
      Triboelectric Energy Harversting Device for Self-Powered Bio-implantable Electronics
    • Samantha Wilson, Geography & Anthropology
      Brandon Lundy
      Understanding Human-Ecology Guinea-Bissau
    • Kamran Sadiq, Geography & Anthropology
      Brandon Lundy
      Ecological Studies and Energy Access in Guinea-Bissau
    • Clay Wilderman, Marketing & Professional Sales
      Mona Sinha
      Namaste in the USA: Yoga as Body, Mind and Protest
    • Andrew Boles, Marketing & Professional Sales
      Mona Sinha
      AirBnB: Overcoming Late Entry and Cultural Challenges in China
    • Sagi Shaier, Mathematics
      Meghan Burke
      A Mathematical Model for the Effort of Domestic Animals on the Basic Reproduction Number of Human African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness)
    • Hongkuan Lin, Mechanical Engineering
      Ayse Tekes
      Development & Analysis of Compliant Bistable Mechanisms
    • Michael Weitzel, Mechanical Engineering
      Ayse Tekes
      Design & Fabrication of Compliant Five Bar Mechanism
    • Alex Resnick, Mechanical Engineering
      Eduardo Farfan
      Thermal Conductivity of Thorium Dioxide with Defects
    • Christian Lockwood, Mechanical Engineering
      Muhammad Salman
      Low cost validation of dymanics elastography method using simple tensile test experiment
    • Clint Morris, Mechnical Engineering
      Muhammad Salman
      Portable and economic elastography diagnostic apparatus for Achilles Tendon
    • Matthew Taylor, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Melanie Griffin
      Lrp Expression Effects on Quorum-Sensing SIgnals & Receptors
    • Sarah Joie Beauvais, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Ramya Rajagopalan
      Isolation of Pathogen Lysing Strains of Myxobacteria and Clarifying the Role of the dev operon
    • James Scott, Chemistry & Biochemistry
      Susan M. Smith
      Does SpNox directly produce hydrogen peroxide?
    • Daisy McGrath, Molecular & Cellular Biology
      Tsai-Tien Tseng
      Detection of Novel Bacteriophages as Biocontrol Agents in Dairy Metagenomics with Bioinformatics
    • Tessa Walker, School of Music
      Judy Cole
      Mounting a Musical Theatre Production
    • Dylan C. Carter, Theatre & Performance Studies
      Elizabeth Rasmusson
      "Mother Hecate" Materials and Research funding


    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title
    • Student, Academic Dept.
      Faculty Mentor(s)
      Project Title