Fall 2023 Hardware Update

Our vendor is recieving hardware from its sources and is working to have it pre-racked, cabled and tested prior to shipping to campus.  Delivery is expected sometime mid-Fall semester.

The system will utilize Ceph.  Ceph is an open source software-defined storage solution designed to address the block, file and object storage needs of modern enterprises.  The system will include components for monitoring, metadata, Ceph nodes, an OSG node, fast switches, power units, racks and cables

UCSD was helpful with the original plans in the KSU proposal and is also helping with pre-configurations of the systems for its role as an Open Science Grid node.  This will aid in getting the equipment online sooner and the services available faster once it arrives.

The hardware arrived in two large crates early in October.

two crates 

You can see in this image a pethora of disks in those bottoma arrays.
Front View 

With the internal cabling done, the next steps are to move them to the server room and get them plugged in.
Rear View