Assessing Potential Biomarkers for Postoperative Delirium

Project Description

This project will assay potential biomarkers in blood samples drawn from postoperative patients who are assessed for delirium, for a project funded by the American Association of Clinical Care Nurses.  Students who work on this project will process the blood samples and perform ELISA assays for a potential biomarker in patient blood.  Data from the ELISA assays will be used to determine any association between the potential biomarker and postoperative delirium.

Project Department

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research Requirements

You must have received a grade of C or better in both BIOL 1107L and BIOL 3300L.  You must be able to commit to a total of 10-12 hours per week in the lab; at least one day per week, you must be able to work 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.  You must be able to commit to working on the project for one full academic year (preferably one calendar year). We are looking for detail-oriented people.

Project Duration

August 16, 2021 to May 2023


Dr. Doreen Wagner,

Dr. Susan M.E. Smith,

Dr. Sharon Pearcey,