Political Science and International Affairs

Using Legal Advice Websites to Analyze Law and Politics in the People's Republic of China

Project Description

This project uses Chinese legal advice websites (which function in a manner similar to Quora or Yahoo Answers) as an untapped resources for analyzing the political and legal systems of contemporary China. It is an ideal project for students looking to gain experience in any of the following:

1. the study of China
2. the disciplines of political science or legal studies
3. big data and data analytics

Project Department

Political Science and International Affairs

Project Status

Seeking researchers

Researcher Requirements

The project requires a students with one or both of the following skills:

1. native or near-native speaker of Chinese and/or 

2.the ability to code Python for web scraping.

There are no coursework or GPA requirements and the number of hours can be made flexible for the right candidate.

Project Duration

June 2017 - ongoing


John Wagner Givens