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High-Intensity Exercise, Not Just for Athletes

In the fourth episode of the spring season, Brian Kliszczewicz, an associate professor of exercise science in the Wellstar College of Health and Human Services, was the featured faculty guest. He discussed his work on how modified high-intensity exercise can be developed into a viable intervention to combat Type 2 diabetes. 

Diabetes is a major public health concern placing a heavy burden on health care systems and exacting anHigh-Intensity Exercies, Not Just for Athletes age-dependent toll on well-being and quality of life.  Among the most effect strategies to improve adherence is participation in time-efficient high-intensity exercise. This approach has the added advantage in that it also improves insulin sensitivity when compared to lower intensity, continuous duration exercise. Applying these approaches as clinical recommendations would greatly improve initial Type 2 diabetes patient outcomes by pragmatically improving physical activity adherence. 

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Kliszczewicz is part of one of five KSU research teams which received a two-year grant from KSU's Interdisciplinary Innovation Initiative (I3). He is working with collaborators Trisha VanDusseldorp and Gerald Mangine, both associate professors of exercise science, and Carol Chrestensen, professor of chemistry, to focus on Omega-3 fatty acids for disease prevention. 

Kliszczewicz, who joined the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management in 2013, earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Auburn University. He has served as the coordinator for KSU's Exercise Science Biomarker Laboratory since 2015. A member of the American College of Sports Medicine, he received a fellowship from that organization in 2018.

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