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Protecting Mother Earth through Global Sustainability

In the second episode of the spring season, Faruque Hossain, assistant professor ofProtecting Mother Earth through Global Sustainability construction management, was the featured faculty guest. He discussed his exploration of sustainable design and construction that aims to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation and conserve natural resources.

Hossain has more than fifteen years of experience in research and industry practice in the field of construction management for both private and public projects, specializing in large-scale buildings, civil, energy, environmental and critical infrastructure. 

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Originally from Bangladesh, Hossain came to the KSU College of Architecture and Construction Management in fall 2019. He hopes to develop and improve sustainable design and construction practices for implementation in building, infrastructure and transportation.

Hossain earned his master’s degree from Shimane University in Japan as a Fulbright scholar before receiving his Ph.D. in environmental science from Hokkaido University in Japan. He then completed clean energy technology research supported by the Australian Research Council post-graduate scholarship.  

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