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Episode 3: April 24, 2020

Dr. Alice Gooding's interest in bones developed into two research labs she now leads at KSU. Dr. Gooding is an assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Geography and Anthropology and her speciality is biological (also known as physical) anthropology and osteology in particular. Dr. Gooding directs the Bone Biomechanics Lab in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Forensic Anthropology Field Lab at the KSU Field Station. Her research areas include bone biomechanics, craniometrics, and blast force trauma to the skeleton. Dr. Gooding is also a practicing forensic anthropologist for the state of Georgia.

Research Overview 

The skeleton is one of the most fascinating parts of the body. By examining variation in skeletal structure, fundamental questions can be answered about human health today and in past populations. That knowledge can be then used to have a profound impact on the science of identifying deceased individuals and preparing medico-legal professionals to best serve their communities.

Research Video

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