Posters at the Georgia Capitol

Posters at the Georgia Capitol

Posters at the Georgia State Capitol is an annual event in Atlanta, Georgia in which undergraduate researchers from schools in Georgia present their research as posters to state legislators and staffers. Undergraduates at Kennesaw State University who are working on research are strongly encouraged to submit an application. 

Who Should Apply: Undergraduate researchers from ALL disciplines who are currently enrolled in a public or private college or university located in the state of Georgia.

Recommended Research: Submit a research project that has been accepted and that you have presented within the last two academic years at another conference.

Important Dates and Information for the 2022 Event 

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KSU Student Participants

  • 2022 - Destini Chambers, Jessie Chen, Gabrielle Jones, Nathaniel Jones, Luci Wilgus
  • 2021 - Lawren Cumberbatch, Artis Trice, Alexandra Walsh
  • 2020 - Jessica Castillo Reyes, Chandler Cooper, Hope Didier, Andy Houghton, Josh Hooper, Kara Heller, Kaelyn Ireland, Joshuah Leljedal, Destiny Paige, Logan Turner
  • 2019 - Trae Dunn, Olivia Lauzon, Nikko Giannakakos, Trevor Warnix