Trainings and Professional Development for Undergraduate Researchers

NCUR 2019 Happy StudentsWelcome, KSU undergraduate researchers! This page is intended to support First-Year Scholars but all students at KSU are welcome to participate in any of these activities. Students in First-Year Scholars are required to participate in professional development activities in the Fall and the Spring. There are a variety of activities below, including: 

  • Meet with the Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors. The peer mentors are experienced student researchers who are available for consultations via appointment. Have a question or want some advice? The peer mentors are here for you! 
  • Workshops. Come meet fellow student researchers and learn more about writing abstracts, creating posters and oral presentations for conferences, and more. These workshops are mostly led by the Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors and occasionally other experts around campus.
  • Social Events. You worked hard; now, come meet other undergraduate researchers for some food, swag, and fun!

Learn More about the Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors!

Make an Appointment to Meet with a Peer Mentor