College of the Arts 2021-2022 Projects

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  • 2021-2022 First Year Scholars: Luci Wilgus, Anthropology; Matthew Sturges, Digital Animation

    • At Kennesaw State University's printmaking department, we have an extensive collection of historic printmaking equipment and ephemera. We have been inventorying and organizing these items as well as restoring them to use. Establishing an accurate inventory, creating a usage manual and researching the history of these pieces will enable us to create a database of the significance and importance of this collection. For this project, the student(s) will collaborate with the faculty member in the ongoing inventory and research into each piece as well as the correct labeling and storage options for the items. This inventory will become a searchable database of our collection. These materials are housed in the new, approximately 8,000 square feet, Printmaking Studio space in Chastain Pointe. A database of the items coupled with the research about their historical significance and uses would be an invaluable teaching tool for Kennesaw State students as well as students and artists around the globe. This would be the first step to a searchable database that could be used by scholars everywhere. The database will include the history of the piece, an image and other pertinent facts. 

      Over the course of the year, the student(s) will contribute to the development of this database by inventorying, researching and organizing these items to develop a historical reference for each item as well as organize the pieces into thematic groupings for ease of accessing for use as studio implements and also as a research element. The product of this research will be invaluable for conference presentations and work with other artists and studios with similar interests. An accurate account and publication of the significance of the items in our collection will attract source archives, museums, scholars, and visiting artists, and will serve as a reference for historical research and future publications. This is an opportunity for a student to gain experience in developing research skills and knowledge of printmaking history by working with actual artifacts in our collections.  For the student researcher, these skills can translate in the future as relevant to art history, archives, museum collections, and print studios. It will give them experience with their technical skills in image editing and a vast knowledge of printmaking equipment and historical practices.

      Students interested in this project should be comfortable working with MAC computers and have a firm working knowledge of programs such as Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Students in Studio Art, Art History, History and Education are particularly welcome. Students should be able to work independently and under supervision through in person and virtual meetings.

    • The student will:

      1. Identify, document and research historic equipment and ephemera in our collections.
      2. Learn how to collect and store data in an electronic form.
      3. Gain an understanding of how archives, museums and scholars develop and use archival databases for preservation and research.
      4. Identify, design and build a searchable thematic subset of digital records for qualitative research purposes.
      5. Develop accurate accounts of the historic significance of our inventory.
      6. Gain experience writing brief research reports and professional presentations.
      7. Polish Photoshop and other digital editing software skills.
    • The student will:

      1. Edit, organize and catalog individual pieces and groups of equipment.
      2. Conduct research of the historical significance.
      3. Familiarize themselves with methods for collection and storage of data in electronic format
      4. Conduct analysis of a thematic categories of digital records
      5. Communicate with faculty, studio experts, archives and museum professionals
      6. Write up research for professional presentation and potential publication
    • Dr. Valerie Dibble,