Research Options

Safe and accessible outdoor lab space available just two miles from the Kennesaw Campus.

The Kennesaw State University Field Station, managed by the Office of Research, provides a living laboratory for researchers, educators and students, promoting a learning environment conducive for experiential academic and research experiences. Covered lab and classroom spaces are available.

  • EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES: Examples of topics that can be taught in the field and brought to life include: Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming, Composting, Biomimicry, Biological Controls, Mycology, Apiculture (beekeeping), Dendrology (study of trees), Bioremediation, Myco-remediation, Hydroponics, Surveying, GIS Mapping, and Civil Engineering. (Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we welcome the opportunity to discuss other promising research ideas you are interested in pursuing.)
  • INTERESTED in taking your courses to the KSU Field Station for lab work/research? Contact Michael Blackwell, KSU Field Station Operations Manager, at