MycoSolutions -- Solving Problems with Fungi


The goal of this team is to address issues of sustainability and resource utilization by using fungi in novel ways. From making foods to commodity chemicals and medicines, fungi possess an amazing capacity for biological conversion and synthesis. When approached from the perspective of a circular economy and the recapture of waste streams as feedstocks, we hope to leverage the intriguing capacities of this diverse and cryptic group of organisms to make the world more sustainable, safe, and delicious. 

Experience Gained

  • Learn how to cultivate fungi
  • Identify products and processes where fungi may represent an improvement over current approaches
  • Screen, isolate, and characterize fungal products
  • Process waste streams into suitable growth substrates for fungi
  • Develop embedded systems approaches for the evaluation and optimization of fungal cultivation
  • Learn and contribute to Mycodo, a platform for the automation of environmental modulation
  • Evaluate and understand economic impacts and develop commercialization concepts for bringing solutions to markets

Majors and Interests Needed

  • Microbiologists
  • Biochemists
  • Engineers 
  • Computer Scientists
  • Economists

Intelligent and hard-working students from any discipline are welcome to apply!

Team Advisors