Re-forming Concrete - Innovation, Design, and Sustainability in the Use of Formwork in Concrete


This team will explore the use of non-rigid formwork systems for reinforced concrete structures and, consequentially, the necessary call for innovation in terms of concrete materials, construction techniques, and computational methods. The goals are: to provide more economical construction practices while improving sustainability and resilience of concrete structures; to explore the use of untraditional and varying architectural forms; and to investigate the adoption of new applications for advanced concrete materials such as engineered cementitious composites. The work simultaneously embraces questions of structural engineering, architectural design, and construction technology.

Experience Gained

  • Understanding and performing structural evaluations, experimental setup, and small-scale characterization tests.
  • Learning how to characterize and assess performances in construction materials.
  • Understanding and using additive manufacturing, advanced fabrication, and 3D print technology.
  • Developing expertise in computational methods and on the use of advanced parametric software.

Majors and Interests Needed

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Mathematics
  • Material Scientists
  • Computer Scientists 

Team Advisors