Board of Directors

  • Role
  • Chairperson
    Pamela Whitten
    President, KSU
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Kat Schwaig
    Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, KSU
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Phaedra S. Corso
    Vice President for Research, KSU
  • Assistant Chief Executive Officer
  • Treasurer
    Julie Peterson
    Chief Business Officer, KSU
  • Assistant Treasurer
    Ron Matson
    Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, KSU
  • Board Member
    Nwakaego Nkumeh
    Vice President and Chief Legal Affairs Officer, KSU
  • Board Member
    Scott Nowak
    Associate Professor of Biology, College of Science and Mathematics, KSU
  • Board Member
    Paola Spoletini
    Assistant Chair, Department of Software Engineering and Game  Development, College of Computing and Software Engineering, KSU
  • Board Secretary (non voting)
    Jonathan Coker
    Director, Research Operations and Communications, Office of Research, KSU