The program will begin in Spring 2022 and will be offered every Fall and Spring semester hereafter. The current focus of the program theme is Cell Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling. If you have any questions, please contact the program:

Overview and Goals

The Scaffolded Undergraduate Research Training Program (SURTP) on Cell Mechanics is supported by the National Science Foundation. SURTP is a three-semester research training program for undergraduate students at Kennesaw State University. The research topic is biomechanics, and we will especially focus on biomechanics at the cellular level. The three semesters will provide a scaffolded structure for you to learn the basics, master through practice, and mature as an undergraduate researcher. In the late stage of this program, you will not be assigned for defined research tasks; rather, you will design and conduct original research by yourself in the field of Cell Mechanics with guidance from the instructor. The program is expected to bring future scholars a solid foundation for designing and conducting high-quality research.