IRB Workshops & Info Session Request Form

IRB Workshops & Informational Sessions

The IRB can provide the following workshops or topic specific informational sessions upon request to your department or college Monday through Friday. Please fill out the request form at the bottom of the page specifying which type of workshop/info session you would like to host along with at least two optional dates/times available.

    • New IRB Website
    • 3 Types of IRB Review
    • Types of IRB documents [application, consent, etc.]
    • IRB Submission Process
    • Required CITI Training
    • Student Research
  • In-depth Discussion of all IRB documents [application, consent, etc.]
    Surveys - various types, consent, KSU Email Usage Policy, SurveyMonkey & Qualtrics External & discussion of the secure storage and transfer of research data. 

    • Highly recommended that those attending bring specific questions for a Q&A at the end
  • Examples include:

    • Exemption Categories
    • Application Tips
    • Consent Forms


IRB Workshop or Info Session Request Form