International Research

Will your research be conducted outside the United States either in person or online?  If so, any international data collection requires additional steps before approval will be given:

  • Review the KSU European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to determine if the country in which you will be conducting your research is involved as well as what KSU policy requires to do so.  Once you have reviewed everything, please contact the IRB to discuss any additional questions or concerns.
  • Include with your IRB application a signed letter of authorization to conduct research from the officials in that country (e.g., letter from an administrator, agency official, etc.).
  • Review the International Compilation of Human Research Standards document in order to determine if there are specific procedures that you must follow for the country in which you will be conducting your research.
  • Be prepared to provide the IRB with translations of your consent documents.

IRB review standards are based on federal regulations and guidelines.