Consent Checklist

Studies with Minimal Risk 

Elements in this column must be addressed in all consent documents.

  • Statement that the study involves research
  • Description of the purpose of the study
  • Description of the procedures to be used
  • Statement of expected duration of participation
  • Description of any risks entailed
  • Description of any benefits to be gained
  • Description of confidentiality procedures
  • Statement of right to stop participation at any time without penalty
  • Explanation that participation is voluntary
  • Extra protection for vulnerable populations, if included
  • Contact information for the researcher
  • IRB contact information
  • No statement of waiver of rights
  • Statement regarding collection of IP addresses, if online survey will be used; see instructions under Question 5 of the IRB Approval Request form regarding use of agreement statements for all online surveys
  • Statement of age groups to be included in study (if minors will not be asked to participate, include a statement that all participants must be 18+ years of age to take part in the study)

More than Minimal Risk Studies

Address these elements in all consent documents in addition to those in the minimal risk section.

  • Contact information for aid in case of injury
  • Explanation of availability of compensation and/or treatment for injury
  • Procedures for maintaining and destroying data

Students as Subjects

Address these elements in all studies where students will be participants.

  • Explanation of alternatives to participation (when participation is for credit)
  • Arrangements for someone other than the class instructor to administer instruments