CITI Online Training

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training program is the official certification program for KSU-affiliated personnel per our Assurance of Compliance. The main courses include biomedical research, social and behavioral research, student research, various animal research courses, responsible conduct in research, conflict of interest, IRB or IACUC or IBC member training, as well as biosafety/biosecurity and export controls.  The certification must be renewed every three years.

Which Course Should I Take?

Please follow the instructions found in the document below for information on registering for the appropriate course(s). Please contact with any questions you may have. Students whose instructors are requiring CITI for their classes should reach out to their instructor first, since the Office of Research Compliance cannot determine what CITI courses you need. 

CITI Instructions on IACUC Course Selection (PDF)

How Do I Register at the CITI Site?

In order to take the appropriate training, you must create a member profile at the CITI website and register your affiliation with KSU.

Please follow the instructions found in the Registration How To Guide below to assist you in completing the registration process for the appropriate course and curriculum.

CITI Registration How To Guide (PDF)

If you have been notified by the IACUC that your study is pending approval due to the CITI training requirement, once you have successfully completed the appropriate training please email confirmation to the IACUC Administrator at