SmartGrant Support

SmartGrant is KSU's electronic grants management system that streamlines the grant submission, award, and management process. 

Go to and log in with your netID and password to get started!

Your pre-award specialist will enter the proposal data for you in Smart Grant. Contact them when you are ready to start the process. The support materials below are for any PIs interested in using Smart Grant themselves.

Support Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use your net ID and password to login to SmartGrant. Most faculty members will already have a profile and be able to login immediately. The Office of Research will need to add your profile if you are new faculty member or a staff member. Fill out the “New User Request Form” available in the Support Materials section of this page and return it to if you are unable to login with your net ID.
  • This happens if you do not properly exit SmartGrant during your previous session (i.e. you closed your browser before clicking the “Exit” button in the system interface). Just make sure to click “Exit” when you are done working in SmartGrant and you will not have a problem the next time you log in.
  • A proposal won’t save if you have missed one of the required fields in Intro Proposal Data. You must complete the Long Title, Proposal Type, Category, Due Date, add the Sponsor and Program, and add any co-PIs.  
  • A SmartGrant proposal becomes locked when someone is working in it; a lock icon will show next to the proposal GPID. If you try clicking on the GPID, you will get a message telling you who is locking the proposal. Ask the person to exit the proposal so you can work in it. Proposals remain locked if a person did not properly “back out” of the proposal during their previous session and stay locked even after the person closes their browser. Locks that are a result of an improper exit need to be removed by a system administrator. Contact to have any locks removed.
  • Email to have the sponsor added. The program name will likely not be added as the Office of Research uses generic program names in SmartGrant instead of adding each individual program name.

    Note: When doing a search for a sponsor, either type the name in the search box OR select the sponsor type – do NOT search using both methods at the same time.

  • Email or your preaward contact and ask to have the routing map corrected. The Office of Research is not always informed when new Chairs and Deans are appointed and has to change the department and college heads manually in the system. If you belong to a non-academic department, there may be multiple approvers set up in the system and the correct one just needs to be selected in the routing map. You preaward contact can help you change this.
  • You should always talk to your Chair and Dean ahead of time and start routing early if you know they will be unavailable. If the approver on vacation has designated someone to sign in their place while out of the office, let your preaward contact know and the designated signed will be added to the routing map.
  • You must access and generate the following sections before you can access Online Routing: Intro Proposal Data, Budget Prelim Info, Budget Detail On/Off Campus, and Non-Budget Information->Print Forms.
  • No, not unless you want to develop your budget using the system. If you don’t use SmartGrant to develop your budget, you do need to have a near-final budget in Excel ready for approvers to review. All you have to do in SmartGrant at the proposal routing stage is complete the Budget Prelim Info and generate a $0 budget in Budget Detail On/Off Campus - the system just wants to know you have accessed the budget detail section and doesn't require that you enter any numbers. Your preaward contact will use your Excel spreadsheet to enter the budget in SmartGrant once it is final.
  • You should upload at least your draft proposal narrative and/or abstract and your near-final budget and budget justification in the Print Forms->Proposal Related Documents section before starting routing. Upload your full proposal if it is ready. Make sure to check with your Chair/Dean to see what they will require before approving routing (i.e. they may require a complete proposal or just an abstract).
  • No, they are default templates generated by the system and are not used at KSU.
  • Most likely, you selected “Yes” to in the Intro Proposal Data section. This changes the proposal structure to allow a “system-to-system” submission and changes the options available in Non-budget Information. Go back to Intro Proposal Data and select “No,” even if your submission will be through Your preaward contact will make the necessary adjustments after routing has been started.



Amanda DesLauriers (Kennesaw Campus)
Pre-award Grants Specialist


Kim Hunt (Marietta Campus)
Pre-award Grants Specialist