Water Study: Measuring the Physical and Perceived Effects of Water Training on College Level Modern Dancers

To measure the effects of water resistance training as an alternative method of effective strength training for dancers to aid in the development and control of external rotation. 

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Project Status: 
Seeking Researchers
Researcher Requirements: 

Student Researchers will be required to participate in all of the following:

Explanation of Procedures Pre- and Post Training: 

Using a “Prestige Medical Goniometer”, PI will measure the degree of external and internal rotation in subjects. 

Student researcher will aid in the measurement of the degree of external and internal rotation before and after 6-week training course. 

1) Student Researcher will observe and participate in the procedures and assist in the measurement of: 

Outward Rotation of the Femur = Laying prone on a table, we used the Prestige Medical Rotary Goniometer. Took the leg, flexed at the knee to 90 degrees and established zero.  Moved the leg inwards to measure the degree of outward rotation. Measured in degrees, five times.  The goniometer was placed near the proximal end of the lower leg. 

Inward Femoral Rotation = Laying prone on a table. Used the Prestige Medical Rotary Goniometer.  Took the left leg, flexed at the knee to form a 90-degree angle, and establish zero.  Leg turned outward as far as possible. Measured in degrees, five times. Goniometer was positioned near the proximal end of the lower leg.

2) Student Researcher with observe 70% of the classes 6-Week Water-based Training Course (see #3), and will understand the following list of exercises:








Romb de jamb

Grande romb de jamb

Romb de jamb en l’aire

“Jumps” in first position

“Jumps” in second position

Ballet port de bras

3) Time Required of Study Participants:

Student participants in the study will participate in two 30-45 minute water sessions per week. 

Project Duration: 
Monday, January 18, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016