The Relationships among Abdominal Obesity, Physical Activity, and Metabolic Health

Project Description

Our interdisciplinary research team studies the influence of abdominal fat, physical activity/inactivity, diet, and other factors on metabolic health and risk for diabetes. This is an ideal program for students planning future graduate school in healthcare-related fields. Student assistants on our team gain experience with all parts of research—from planning studies and acquiring approvals to working directly with human participants and biological samples in the laboratory. Students spend time working both independently and with other students and faculty to collect and interpret data for our studies and to develop projects for presentation. More information about our research can be found here:

Project Department

Exercise Science and Sport Management

Researcher Requirements

  • Time Commitment: Students can expect to spend approximately 7-12 hours per week, between research team meetings and research tasks. Our meetings will be mostly virtual during Fall 2020 and will transition to laboratory testing during Spring 2021.
  • Communication: Excellent writing and communication skills are necessary.
  • GPA Requirements: A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for consideration.  
  • Final Projects: Students will be expected to present their findings at a scientific conference.
  • Laboratory Skills: Laboratory experience is preferred, but not required.

Project Duration

August 2020 – May 2021, with the possibility to extend experience through Summer 2021 and/or 2nd year.

Dr. Katherine H. Ingram