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Project Description

In general, I am interested in motivation in three areas: unconscious motivation (increasing motivation underneath awareness), achievement motivation (mainly intrinsic/extrinsic motivation), and environmental motivation (what gets people to act in environmentally friendly ways).  How many projects I have going in each of those areas varies each semester. If you are in interested in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact me, especially if you want to conduct research in these areas.

Ultimately, I want students to run their own research project that they will present at a local conference (e.g., Georgia Undergraduate Research in Psychology, Southeastern Psychological Association).  Besides that, being part of the research team will allow you to gain experience into the experimental process, specifically in the field of social psychology.  Undergraduates gain insight into what is necessary to propose, run, analyze, and write-up a research idea to completion.  Experience may include: helping writing up an IRB proposal, setting up lab rooms for experiments, running participants, working with SONA, analyzing data with SPSS, writing papers, and critiquing research projects.

Project Department

Project Status 

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Researcher Requirements

What will I do?

Each week we will have a group meeting. During meetings, we will discuss current and future research in social psychology.  We will also discuss on-going research projects (both basic and applied) that my lab is currently running.  Everyone who attends will be expected to participate and contribute in the discussion.  We even encourage questions and comments.  Meetings will help all members develop and expand upon his or her research ideas.  Possible activities/discussions could include: alternative explanations for results of a study, reviewing & developing questionnaires, designing new experiments, guest speakers, etc. Meeting location and time will be determined based on everyone’s availability.

What experience do I need to have?

  • currently enrolled or completed a research Methods in Psychology course
  • cumulative GPA 3.0 / Psych GPA 3.0 (general requirements of directed study)

The guidlines above are only if you want to do it for credit (PSYC 4400). If you want to just volunteer and help out, please email me and we can talk further.


Project Duration

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Paul Story