The Post-Political City: Spaces of Depoliticisation

Project Description

Seeking students to participate in a research project exploring the post-political city through an economy of jouissance (Žižek). The research approaches a way of thinking that restores philosophy’s useful role in art, politics, and everyday life.  By using philosophy within the framework of ‘This Thing called Theory’, the research focuses on the social, cultural and political contexts as a platform of inquiry where theory becomes the result of architectural philosophy’s exploration of both the definition of site (context) and the possibility of alterity.

Students will assist on data-collection and creating diagrams and graphics to supplement the research narrative.

Project Status 

Seeking researchers

Researcher Requirements

Architecture and/or media arts students interested in contemporary urban issues and to particapte in an on-going research project exploring the post-political city, or city as a non-place. The position starts in Spring 2015 and possibly extend through the summer.  

Students should be in enrolled in the professional architecture program 4th or 5th year or media arts 3rd or 4th year; in good academic standing; and able to commit to 6-8 hours a week. Expectations are for students to create diagrams, maps, photo-collages and graphics in relation to a written text or narrative. Students will also contribute to research and data collection as part of the project research and assist in creating the graphic intent for a design competition. (max. 3-students researchers needed)

If interested, please submit a letter of interest of approx. 300-words by December 2, 2015. Interviews will take place on December 4th. Make sure you include your name, major and year. Email to:

Project Duration

Monday, January 11, 2016 to Thursday, May 12, 2016


Elizabeth Martin-Malikian