Physical and Mental Effects of Pilates Reformer Training on University Level Modern and Ballet Dancers

Project Description

This pilot research project (Study #17-458: Physical and Mental Effects of Pilates Reformer Training on University Level Modern and Ballet Dancers) will collect preliminary data (with five Reformers) measuring the positive impacts of Reformer training in dancer self-efficacy and technical ability. PI experience teaching Pilates since 2002 and as a Peak Pilates "Master Trainer" since 2008 continuously informs her about the positive impact Pilates has in people's lives. This empirical investigation examines the impact of Pilates Reformer training on dancer technique, as well as examines Pilates' potential to increase dancer long-term employability. This pilot study examines the impact of Reformer training on a dancer's balance, control, flexibility, external rotation, mental focus, and overall health and well-being. Dancer self-efficacy, or the belief they have the physical ability to succeed in a professional career, is critically important to their long-term viability in the performing arts. 

Project Department


Project Status

Seeking researchers

Researcher Requirements

  • Student researchers must have interest in Pilates training. Certification or experience in Pilates is not necessary.
  • Prior to committing to the study, students must speak with PI. Student and PI will outline student goals and responsibilities. 
  • Students must complete the "CITI" training (IRB protocol for participation). 
  • Students will be expected to attend classes to observe, as well as meet with PI to discuss observations. 
  • Number of hours per week: 3
  • Skill Sets Required: NA
  • Minimum GPA: NA
  • Not Required but Preferred Interest/Skills/Majors: Pilates Reformer training, dance interest, exercise science, dance major, psychology or sociology majors.

Project Duration

August 21, 2017 to September 30, 2017


Sarah Holmes